One Proud Texas Soaper

Texas Soap

Many times when I introduce myself to a crowd of soap makers, it usually goes like this.

I am a fourth-generation Texas soap maker of Swedish descent.

Texas proud, I am!

It seems hard for people from other states to understand our Texas pride, but they recognize it.

Back in the early ‘90’s my nephew Eric came down for a visit. This was his first solo trip as a young man and one thing that caught his attention was that he saw the shape of Texas everywhere. He was amazed and he told me that it just isn’t like that in Illinois.

Welcome to Texas!

I think that our great Texas pride is due to the fact that we were a nation before we were a state. The Republic of Texas. Other states can’t say that. So there ya go, our claim to fame.

For me personally, a lot of my pride as a Texan is directly related to my Swedish ancestors.

Approximately 11,000 Swedes immigrated to Texas between the years of 1840 – 1920. A good percentage of them settled in Central Texas, in Travis and Williamson counties.

My Great Grandparents, Aaron & Emeila Johnson, settled on a farm just north of Round Rock. I can’t help but think about this every June when I coordinate the Soapmakers Seminar. The hotel and conference center where the seminar takes place is only a few miles southwest from where my Great Grandparents once lived.

I have a good heritage of courageous people who left their homeland to forge a new life in another country. Texas is where they came and thrived.

Today I live with my family in our our little piece of the country, here at our northwest Williamson County outpost. A T.V. reporter once referred to our place using that phrase. It fits.

As a fourth-generation Texas soapmaker I am very proud of my heritage and of my state.

Why you can even see that in the soap that I make.

Keep clean, Y’all!


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