3 Reasons to Make Your Own Soap

Barn Soap sm

Since I am not David Letterman, I will not give you 10 reasons. Personally, I think three is more than enough!

Soap making is my creative passion and has been now for over sixteen years.  I don’t seem to hear this as often now, but I was asked this a lot in my early soap making days… Why make soap when you can easily buy it at the store?

Well, first of all, most of what you find at the store is not real soap, but more of a detergent bar made with synthetic ingredients. Second, why do people make anything? Simply because they find much enjoyment in doing so.

So here are my top 3 reasons for making your own soap.

Reason #1 – Soap Making is the Endless Experiment!

This very fact tickles the creative soul and it is absolutely true, there is always something new for you to try, that you’ve never tried before.

Over the years I have made

oatmeal soap

peppermint soap

lavender soap

goat’s milk soap

sheep’s milk soap

buffalo soap (using buffalo tallow)

beer soap (why not? Better than drinking the stuff!)

coffee soap (I didn’t take a sip)

Just to name just a few.

You can experiment using different oils, different additives, different colorants, different scents and you can even make your own designer scents through scent blending.

So I hope you can see that there is nothing boring about making soap. One of the reasons it is such a great craft is that it can truly can be an endless experiment!

Reason #2 – Real soap is a much better product for your skin.

As noted above, commercial bars are made with synthetic ingredients, homemade soap is made with more natural ingredients. That’s as straight forward as it gets.

Also note that many people suffer with skin sensitivities these days. There are so many different things that a person can be allergic to. So be good to yourself by being good to your skin.

Reason #3 – When you make your own soap, you get to choose exactly what goes in it.

So you want a soap made with lavender? You can make that.

You want a luxurious bar with shea butter? You can make that.

Maybe you want a fancy, pretty swirled soap? You can make that, too.

You can make whatever soap you like because you get to choose. You are no longer limited by the choices you see on a store shelf. How’s that for fun?

Now really there are a lot of different reasons to make your own soap. I just have shared what is to me, the heart of the matter. Hope I have stirred your interest. It’s a great craft!


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