For the Love of Plants

Rose 1

This morning I went to the store. Before walking in, I told myself in no uncertain terms that I would not be buying any plants today.

The photo above shows what I walked out with.

I mean, come on, $1.99 for a variegated red mini rose?

My daughter says plants follow me home like little puppy dogs. They obviously have become my new obsession.

I really never thought I would be this way. Plants were much more of my mom’s thing, not mine. But somehow this year, I just started enjoying them more.

Now days, the early morning hours usually sees me out on the front porch, reading, writing at times, sippin’ coffee, loving the cool breeze (which ends early enough on hot Texas summer days) and enjoying the beauty of my plants.

A master gardener I will never be, but I look at it this way, God gives us things in life to enjoy.

So I would like to share some pictures of my favorites.


The Coleus

I bought this at a local water gardens and nursery. I think it just looks so unique!

Suc 1

My Favorite Succulent

Isn’t this an interesting looking succulent?  And look, it’s having babies!


The Cacti

I’ve been experimenting with this spineless cacti. I transferred these pods to the cinder block planter. So far, so good.

Money Tree

The Money Tree

We bought this on the way back from our recent anniversary trip. Google tells me that it is named The Money Tree because it is thought to be an age-old token of good luck and an invitation to good fortune. To which I say… whatever. I’m really not into folklore like that, I just think it’s a cool looking tree. However, I did tell my husband I wanted to buy it as a remembrance of our anniversary trip; and besides, our love is priceless.

Thank you for allowing me to share the beauty of my front porch today.

May you be enjoying beauty of your own.



2 thoughts on “For the Love of Plants

  1. I just got introduced to succulents recently and I love them. First, you water about once a week. They like to be crowded so I layered the top with sea glass and beach pebbles and they are making lots of babies. Plus, they look like they are right out of a Dr Seuss book- so unusual.

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