Blog Challenge Success!


Today is Day #30 of the Indie Business Blog Your Brand Challenge.

For thirty days I have faithfully blogged each and every day. I made it. I crossed the finish line. Feels good!

So obviously by the picture included above, I got to thinking about how completing a challenge is kinda like running a race.

Running a race reminds me of a not so pleasant memory, years ago, from elementary school. It was fifth grade P.E. class and we were all involved in a track meet.

If memory serves, the race I was to run was the 200 yard dash.What do I remember most about this race? The fact that my dash wasn’t too good. There was four of us running the race. As we neared the finish line and it was obvious I wasn’t going to win, I slowed down. Boy, did I catch it from the teacher! You should have run harder! You should NOT have slowed down! 

Now I was never much of a outdoorsy, athletic type of gal and receiving these kind of comments didn’t make me want to sign up for the next race, but there were still lessons to be learned of course.

Some races we win, some we lose, but we got to keep on trying. We have to keep on running.

I find that I like challenges. In the past, I have acquired several wholesale soap accounts through conducting cold calls. Not always the recommended way to do it, but I enjoyed that too! With my newfound love of plants, I am enjoying the challenge of keeping things alive!  Ha!  O.K., I am experimenting with trying to grow different cuttings, so there’s the real challenge on that subject.

But I like a challenge.

Through this challenge I have proven to myself, once again, how much I like to write. But I have also seen that I have a deep desire to encourage others through my writing.

So stay tuned and check out where I will start writing next week.

So what’s your next challenge?




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