Good Things Come in Threes


I’m not sure whether to call it a birthday or an anniversary, either way, this week it has been three years since I published Bubbles to Bucks … How to Make Money Selling Soap.

My first book, Creative Soap Making, was published in 2010, Bubbles to Bucks in 2013. Both were self-published, but using two very different methods. Creative Soap Making was published in what I refer to as the old-fashioned manner of self-publishing. Meaning, after the book was complete, I sought out a local book printer to print a quantity of books which I then proceeded to sell. For Bubbles to Bucks, I published using a print on demand printer (P.O.D.). The latter is the better way to go, in my opinion.

It’s kinda funny because I have had many people look at me in awe, that I’m a published author. It’s work folks, yes, much hard work. But I’m was just stubborn enough to become a published author, and the thing is, you can be one too!

Two books really helped me on my road to publishing. The first was The Self-Publishing Manual by Dan Poynter. In his lifetime, Dan wrote more than 130 books and more than 800 magazine articles, most of them on the subject of self-publishing. The Self-Publishing Manual was first published in 1979 and was one of his most popular books.

Poynter would ask the question; do you have a book inside of you? Then seek to encourage you with ways to make it happen. I am one of who knows how many, who benefited from his advice.

The second book which proved so very helpful, was Kayla Fioravanti’s How to Self-Publish: A Guide for Author-Preneurs. Now Kayla does a great job of taking you step by step through the process of self-publishing using a P.O.D. She takes the guesswork out of it and provides you with a roadmap. Kayla was the one who proved as a great example that self-publishing using a P.O.D. such as Create Space really works!

So three years passed between my first to my second book. Now it has been three years again. Although I have contemplated different ideas, there are no future books on the near horizon at this point. But know this, writing books is kinda like eating potato chips. I think it very often holds true that you can’t write just one.

Do you have a book in you?


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